I attach the greatest importance to the quality of my work and that’s why every Fine Art Print is designed in my own laboratory where the quality is on first line. It’s important for me as a photographer to print my own work, because it represents the culmination and the full path of the artist’s work. In this way I can control all smallest details until the end and reach my highest demands.

For each print, I use a professional inkjet printer with an archival paper quality (acid-free). In this process, the combination of quality and durability of the archival paper with pigment ink technology provides unsurpassed durability so far (over 100 years). This printing method is so far the most efficient on the market at this time for Fine Art photography. In addition, each print is protected against UV rays and undulations with the ACRYLIC FACE MOUNTING. Each print has a longevity who is reaching the highest demands.

The paper used is an high quality archive metallic paper that reacts strongly with light. With a lighting specifically used for this purpose, the visual impact is staggering. It is suggested to use a light between 3000K (Bright White) and 5000K (Daylight) to illuminate your works so that they illuminate your room and that they take up all the space they deserve.